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Controller or user of personal data

Työväenperinne ry / Library of the Labour Movement
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Grounds for collecting personal data and the processing of personal data

  • Personal data is only collected for specified purposes necessary for the operations of the Library of the Labour Movement or Työväenperinne ry (the Finnish Labour Heritage Association) with the person’s consent or based on an agreement, order or membership. Such purposes include services related to the acquisition and use of library materials, other library activities, library communications, the Finnish Labour Heritage Association’s publishing activities, editorial work on publications, sales, and the Finnish Labour Heritage Association’s administrative and association activities. Personal data is obtained from the persons themselves or the Finnish Labour Heritage Association’s member organisations in connection with association activities.
  • The Library’s email and address lists are used for communication on the grounds stated above. 
  • Our website uses cookies that are necessary for technical reasons. We collect statistical data on the use of the website. No individual users can be identified from such data. If you enter your personal data on the website – for example, if you give customer feedback, order materials, or subscribe to a newsletter – we will only collect your personal data for the stated purpose.
  • Our website may contain embedded content (such as videos, images, and articles) and links to other sites. Opening content imported from other websites is equivalent to visiting the third-party site yourself.
  • The Helka library system’s privacy statement is available here:
  • The Finnish Labour Studies Yearbook is published and edited in part on the system. The associated privacy statement is available here:

Personal data and publication decisions related to editorial work and peer reviews and the related (email) correspondence are used for editorial work and archived for scientific and historical research. The saved data is not publicly available and is only processed by editorial team members.

  • The Friends of the Library of the Labour Movement (Työväenkirjaston ystävät – Arbetarbibliotekets vänner ry) maintains a register of members of the Friends of the Library of the Labour Movement.
  • If a third-party service is used to send newsletters, the newsletters include a link to the service’s privacy statement.
  • Privacy statement for the financial and invoicing system and the electronic signature system:
  • The Finnish Labour Heritage Association and the Library of the Labour Movement use the Encrypted Email Finland service for secure email communications. Encrypted Email Finland Ltd’s privacy statement:

Disclosure of personal data

  • Customers’ personal data, loan details, and data on other service transactions are only disclosed with the person’s consent or when required by law.
  • Customers are not provided with personal data by phone. Personal data is not communicated by email except with express permission.
  • Before a person’s data is disclosed, they must present reliable proof of their identity.
  • Upon request, every person is entitled to receive information about the data we have collected about them.
  • If personal data is disclosed to a third party to handle tasks related to the activities of the Finnish Labour Heritage Association or Library of the Labour Movement, the data is only used for the purpose approved by the person, and the data is erased when it is no longer needed for this purpose. No data is disclosed outside the EU or to international organisations. The disclosure must be based on a written agreement between the Finnish Labour Heritage Association and the third party. For example, the register of subscribers to the Finnish Labour Studies Yearbook may be sent to the accountant’s financial management system for invoicing or the printers for posting the publication.
  • Personal data concerning the peer review process for publication/editorial activities is disclosed to the Federation of Finnish Learned Societies or the Finnish National Board on Research Integrity when peer reviews are reported or investigated. When the controller conducts investigations related to compliance with the responsible conduct of research (RCR) in peer reviews, the controller discloses the necessary data to the people responsible for the RCR process in the investigating organisation.

Users are bound by a confidentiality obligation. Personal data related to the peer review process is not disclosed to other third parties. In order to ensure RCR, data concerning the peer review process cannot, in principle, be erased. 

  • Visitor comments on the website and social media services may be checked using an automated spam prevention service.
  • The Library is a public space. Photographs and videos may be taken on the Library premises and at public events. Such photographs and videos may also be published.

Protection of personal data

  • Personal data is processed with due care, and the data processed by the information systems is adequately protected. The controller/user ensures that the stored data, server access rights and other critical information for the security of personal data is processed confidentially and only by the employees assigned such tasks.

Accessing and erasing personal data

  • Personal data is only retained for the duration of the customer or stakeholder relationship.
  • Users can unsubscribe from the email list by sending an unsubscribe message to perinne(at)
  • Users can access their data by contacting the customer service team at the Library of the Labour Movement. Customers may request the correction or erasure of their data at any time unless the controller’s legitimate interest or legal obligations prevent this. Written data access requests should be addressed to the Library Director/Secretary of the Finnish Labour Heritage Association or via